What Is Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Why is it Called Knee Chest Upper Cervical?

Knee Chest Upper Cervical is a specific upper cervical chiropractic system, focused on the alignment of upper cervical spine and the impact on the nervous system. Chiropractic care can be broken down into two systems – upper-cervical and full spine care. Both systems use a range of different techniques. Under the upper-cervical branch of chiropractic, we have techniques such as Toggle, Knee Chest, Blair, Atlas Orthogonal and NUCCA to name but a few.

Techniques Of Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Every technique has a set system of checking and analysing your body for nervous-system interference and the presence of  vertebral subluxations. These can be leg-length checks, palpation, infrared thermography, and postural abnormality. Techniques can use one indicator exclusively, or a combination. One similarity of all upper-cervical techniques is the use of imaging such as X-ray or CT to analyse and guide the adjustments that are made to the spine.

Why Use Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

At Top Chiropractic we use Knee Chest upper-cervical care. We use leg-length checks and postural analysis, paired with paraspinal infrared thermography to analyse the presence of nervous system interference. We have onsite X-rays, that, if clinically indicated, are taken and used to rule out any pathology (reasons you may not be eligible for care or may need a medical referral) and we analyse the images to help guide your spinal adjustments.  This allows us to give you care that is specifically tailored to your spine or, if necessary, find the correct referral for you.

Knee chest upper cervical

Why is it Called Knee Chest Upper Cervical Care?

The Knee Chest technique is named after the position adopted by the patient before the adjustment takes place. The knee chest upper-cervical technique involves you, the patient kneeling on a padded cushion and placing your chest on the adjustment table. The Dr then places your head and neck in a specific orientation before making the correction.

Benefits Of Knee Chest Upper Cervical Care

This orientation is beneficial for a number of reasons; it allows the chiropractor to get into an advantageous position to make the adjustment but more importantly, with your spine in that position, the upper-cervical spine bio-mechanically has the most space available to receive the adjustment. When the correction is made, you may feel the bones at the top of your spine move and may hear some sound - this is quite normal and completely safe.

A unique aspect of upper-cervical care and something which we utilise at Top Chiropractic, is the process of resting. We do this before and after each adjustment to allow us to understand how your body is processing through care. It also allows your body to have time to get used to the correction before you leave the office. What we are looking for with all the indicators are signs that the body is returning to balance between visits and after corrections. This can be leg-length equalling, balancing of the shoulders or balancing of the temperature of the skin alongside the spine when taking your infrared scans.

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