FAQs on our care

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Yes. Upper cervical chiropractic is extremely safe. Thorough examinations are carried out on your initial examination to ensure upper cervical care is a safe and viable option for you.


Chiropractic care is not a treatment for any conditions specifically, it is a way of optimising the function of the spine and nervous system. However, people do see a resolution of many conditions as their nervous system starts to function at a better level and their bodies start to heal.

Traditional chiropractors often work in a very different way to upper cervical chiropractors. The main difference is that traditional chiropractors often work on the full spine and other joints in the body. Upper cervical chiropractors focus specifically on the upper neck.

Traditional chiropractors often have a focus treating pain and symptoms in contrast to upper cervical chiropractors who have the objective of improving the function of the nervous system.

At a traditional chiropractic clinic, you can more than likely expect to receive an adjustment at every visit. This is in contrast with an upper cervical clinic, where the objective is not to adjust you every time, but to check and monitor your progress, and intervene only when necessary.

The number of visits you will need depends on several factors. Firstly, is the chronicity of your problem and secondly, your goals and objectives. We will always give you a plan of care suitable to achieve your health goals, so you know what to expect.

We don’t accept private medical insurance in the office, but we can offer you a detailed invoice that can be sent to your insurance to be reimbursed after your appointment. 

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