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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound when there is no external sound present, often described as ringing, buzzing, humming etc, either heard in one or both ears or from within the head. This can either be intermittent or constant, can can progress to being chronic if left without the correct attention.

What are the Different Types of Tinnitus?

Tonal tinnitus involves sounds that are nearly continuous and stay at a certain frequency.

Pulsatile tinnitus appears to pulsate, usually along with your heartbeat.

Musical tinnitus creates the perception of singing or songs. 

What are the Common Causes of Tinnitus?

  • Hearing Loss
  • Ear infection or ear canal blockage
  • Head, neck and TMJ injuries
  • Medications
  • Meniere’s disease

Tinnitus & Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Upper cervical care focuses on the alignments of the top bones of the cervical spine and making specific adjustments to remove the pressure placed on the nervous system as a result of misalignment. Misalignments in the upper cervical spine interfere with the brain's ability to communicate with the body and vice versa and as a result, can present as symptoms such as tinnitus and other auditory disturbances.

Once a correction has been made, the brain and body communication is restored and the body begins to heal and repair. Depending on the severity and reasoning behind the cause of the tinnitus, some clients/patients have reported improvements in their condition in as little as one adjustment, however, this will vary between individuals.

If you or someone you know has tinnitus and hasn't had their upper cervical spine analysed and checked, please feel free to BOOK IN A CALL and we will give you more information to help you find a solution.

Meet the Team

Christian is a graduate of the UK's largest and oldest chiropractic institution, the Anglo European College of Chiropractic.  Additionally he is one of the very few Europeans to be admitted into the esteemed Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP).

Christian also serves as one of 12 directors on the board for the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO).

Elliott is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and is a member of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA), and a member of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organisations (IFCO).

He is passionate about helping patients achieve their goals and providing the best standard of care to enable them to thrive.

Customer Testimonials

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Karie Amey

"I have been seeing Christian for roughly the last 7 months. I have suffered for the past 15 years with debilitating neck, shoulder and back pain, mostly neck and migraines in the base of my skull which are complete agony and ruined a lot of my life. I have tried everything and gone to extreme lengths, spending a fortune to try to end my pain but nothing ever worked despite people telling me they could help me. After many years of research and never giving up looking for someone and something to help me, I came across having my Atlas, C1 corrected through Chiropractic adjustments with Christian and I have never looked back. "