What happens at your Report of Findings at Top Chiropractic London?

Your Report of Findings

Now you’ve had your New Patient Consultation and any necessary clinical imaging, and you are eagerly awaiting your results. This article will take you through what to expect from your Report of Findings (ROF) appointment.

Just as on your previous appointment you will be greeted by one of the Chiropractic Assistants (CAs). They will bring you into the checking and adjusting room to rest in one of the resting chairs for around 10 minutes after which your Chiropractor will take another thermal scan to continue to establish baseline data about your nervous system.

report of findings

You will then be taken to the examination room for your ROF. Your Chiropractor will talk you through a verbal report of the results from the examination, thermal scans, and clinical imaging. They will then talk you through the recommended care plan detailing visit frequency and duration of care. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the appointment. Once you are happy and a plan of action has been agreed upon you will be taken back into the checking and adjusting room to begin care.

You will be asked to rest once more so your Chiropractor can take another thermal scan so we have a final baseline reading before your adjustment. Your Chiropractor will then make your first adjustment, after which you will rest again in one of the resting chairs in order to give your body time to adapt to the correction and give you the best chance of holding the adjustment. After this longer rest period your Chiropractor will take another thermal scan to assess the changes taking place.


report of findings

Now you have started care, one of the CAs will book your next appointment at your convenience adhering to the care plan you have agreed with your Chiropractor. We recommend pre-booking appointments in line with your care plan to secure the times and dates that best fit your schedule, these can always be amended as needed.

If you have any questions ahead of your ROF then give us a call at the office. If you need help with your health and have not yet contacted us then why not book a no obligation discovery call with one of our Chiropractors using the links on this page.

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