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Every Monday in Birmingham, Dr. Christian and Dr. Luke run an Upper Cervical Clinic in Kings Norton. At this clinic, they offer their expertise and Knee-Chest Upper Cervical adjustments to the people of the North and Midlands.

Birmingham Clinic

Birmingham Process

Our new patient intake process is offered at our London clinic with Dr. Elliott Swepson, where we use thorough manual clinical testing and specialist assessment technology to fully understand the current state of our clients' health.


After the intake process, each appointment at the Birmingham Clinic is an hour long for adults and half an hour for children. During these sessions, we use paraspinal digital thermography to evaluate nervous system function and the Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Technique to correct misalignments putting pressure on the nervous system.

knee chest upper cervical


Our Birmingham Clinic uses specialist technology to assess and evaluate your body. Paraspinal Digital Thermography is used in every session -- to learn more about this please read about it here.


We also offer Heart Rate Variability testing, Surface EMG and full spine Thermography. These tests are evaluated together and produce a ‘COREscore’ which objectively values your health level.


What To Do Now

Our availability in Birmingham is in high demand. If you would like to discuss your specific case and understand how we can help you, please feel free to book a discovery call with one of our chiropractors here. You are welcome to call us on 020 7495 2206 or email us at if you have any questions.

Birmingham Clinic

Birmingham Hours

The Birmingham Clinic currently runs from 10:00am to 17:00pm every Monday.

Birmingham Clinic


The Practice is in the Birmingham Holistic Health Centre, which is conveniently located just off the A38 and A435, as well as being only a short walk from Kings Norton Train Station, which runs regularly to Birmingham New Street.


This location offers also free car parking and lakeside views.

Birmingham Clinic

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