The Upper Cervical Spine And Tinnitus: A Small Sound Causing A Big Problem

Symptoms Of Tinnitus

If you have ever experienced that high-pitched sound in your ears, you know how much tinnitus can impact your quality of life.

When it comes to symptoms, the most common symptom is by far the high-pitched ringing, but other symptoms include buzzing or a static noise in one or both ears or the sound of something pulsating. These can be intermittent or constant, can can commonly progress from intermittent to constant if left without the correct attention.


What Is Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be caused by a breakdown in either noises conductio#n or nerve conduction and can be related to progressive hearing loss. Tinnitus can be classified as two types;


  • Subjective tinnitus  only you can hear. This is the most common type of tinnitus. It can be caused by ear problems in your outer, middle or inner ear. It can also be caused by problems with the hearing (auditory) nerves or the part of your brain that interprets nerve signals as sound (auditory pathways).


  • Objective tinnitus  your doctor can hear when they do an examination. This rare type of tinnitus may be caused by a blood vessel problem, a middle ear bone condition or muscle contractions.

Tinnitus and the Upper Cervical Spine

At Top Chiropractic, we focus on the alignment of the two bones at the top of the neck. Getting this area of your spine in the correct alignment takes pressure off the nervous structures that can cause tinnitus. Because it is non-invasive, it is a safe intervention to investigate and it is an intervention which could lead to additional, and unexpected health benefits.

We have a number of patients suffering with tinnitus under our care, some who have seen significant changes.

We can also predict how a new patient with this condition may respond to care by considering factors such as chronicity, the length of time the patient has had the problem, the reason for the tinnitus (direct damage to the ear drum from loud music / infection / grommets) etc.


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