What happens in your New Patient Consultation at Top Chiropractic London?

New Patient

New Patient consultation - The process

Before you come to see us in London most prospective patients will have spoken to one of our Chiropractors via phone or email to discuss their case and ask us any questions they may have. This article will take you through the process you should expect to go through during your first appointment with us.

On arrival at the clinic

When you first arrive at the Top Chiro London clinic you will be greeted by one of our Chiropractic Assistants (CA), they will bring you into our checking and adjusting room. In this room you will be asked to rest in one of our state of the art resting chairs. The chair will be put into a reclined position for your comfort and to allow you to become as relaxed as possible. You will also be given a set of noise cancelling headphones with calming music playing to help you to relax. You will stay here for around 10 minutes until your Chiropractor is ready to take your first set of thermal scans. These scans allow us to get a baseline measure of your nervous system function.

The Preliminary assessment

Next the CA will take you downstairs to our examinations office to begin the preliminary assessment. This involves measuring different baseline physiological markers to assess your overall health this includes, blood pressure, heart rate variability testing, and basic neurological testing. Once this is completed your Chiropractor will take you through a focussed neurological assessment, spinal screening, and any other tests required for your individual case.

Rest and thermal scan


When the assessment is complete you will be taken back to the checking and adjusting room to rest again for 10 minutes, after which your Chiropractor will take a final thermal scan for that day. Your Report of Findings appointment should have already been booked by this point but if for any reason it has not or if you need to reschedule, one of the CAs will be happy to do so for you.

In most cases we require specific clinical imaging in order to most effectively work with patients. This is usually taken after your New Patient Consultation in which case one of the CAs will confirm the date and time of the scan and give you the address of our imaging centre.

If you are struggling with your health and have not yet booked a call or appointment with us then why not do so now!


Do we start care on this appointment?
No. Care starts at the Report of Findings, this is because your Chiropractor needs time to go through the results of the assessment as well as analyse any imaging that has been taken and put together your recommended care plan.

How soon do I get the results?
Normally we can have you back for your Report of Findings (ROF) within a few days once the Chiropractor has analysed your results. We advise booking your ROF at the same time as booking your New Patient Consultation so you can secure the time and date best suited to you.

What happens at the Report of Findings?
The chiropractor will take you through this section and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. A new blog on Report of findings will be coming out next week so stay tuned.


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