Jaw problems and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

The Upper Cervical Spine

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a versatile joint,located either side connecting your lower jaw to the skull. The TMJ is involved in many day-to-day functions such as speaking and chewing. Problems with this joint can cause a range of issues not only to these functions but to posture, sleep, and spinal alignment. But what comes first? Change in spinal alignment or a change to the TMJ?

The Upper Cervical Spine And TMJ
The upper-cervical spine has a huge influence on the TMJ due to its close relationship between the trigeminal nerve that controls the muscles of mastication. Change to the alignment of this part of the spine and the function of this nerve can cause changes to the TMJ and subsequently the bite. This in turn can have a much wider influence on the body.

Changing the bite can have a massive change in spinal posture and position. The bite itself can be a problem independent of the upper neck being problematic. However, changes to the bite require more invasive and permanent action, so addressing the upper-cervical spine is a good place to start.

Signs That You Might Have a TMJ problem/TMD
Your problem started after a trauma to the neck (car accident, head injury, sports accident)
You are experiencing neck pain as well as TMJ problems
Your head protrudes in front of your shoulders – anterior head syndrome
You are experiencing headaches as well as TMJ issues
You have other symptoms that can be attributed to a cranial nerve problem, such as dizziness/balance issues, digestive problems,
To be clear, upper-cervical chiropractic care is not a treatment for these problems, but once the upper-cervical spine had been corrected, your body has much better chance of eliminating these problems. Everything works better with the correct nerve supply.

Chiropractic Care And TMJ
If you think you may have an upper-cervical problem or you would like to discuss a TMJ issue that may be coming from your upper-cervical spine and you want to discuss your personal circumstances further, please send me a message or call us https://calendly.com/elliott-41/15min?month=2022-12

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