Upper Cervical Chiropractic Philosophy – A Principled Approach to Healthcare

The practice of Chiropractic has a rich history and is founded on a simple yet in-depth philosophy. This philosophy recognises the role of natural law and the fact that the human body has an inborn ability to adapt to its environment and heal. We take the philosophy of Chiropractic very seriously at Top Chiropractic and by basing our practice and procedures around the established principles is how we get our best results with our clients.

Chiropractic Philosophy - 33 Principles

In Chiropractic philosophy there are 33 Principles which are deductively reasoned and allow us to understand the nature of life and how it conforms to both physical and biological laws. I won't list all 33 Principles here, however I will highlight some key points derived from these principles and how they are applied within Top Chiropractic practices.


To understand health we must first understand what allows us to heal. The nervous system controls every cell, tissue, and organ in the entire human body. It is responsible for the regulation of every function and process that occurs, from contracting a muscle, to digesting food, to keeping your heart beating or your lungs breathing, and even the growth of your toenails. Everything is controlled by the brain and the nervous system.


Healing = Time + Materials

What happens when we get sick? Cells become damaged or dysfunctional, they no longer have the resources to adapt to the environment. The body cannot heal a sick cell, once it becomes dysfunctional its job is done and it is broken down by the body. Fortunately, your body constantly creates new cells to replace old or damaged ones. This is how healing occurs, the replacement of sick and dying cells with healthy new ones. Different types of cells have different lifespans, some of which are cut short when damage occurs.


The process of healing has two main requirements: time and materials. Cells have component parts made of different substances and your body needs these substances in the appropriate quantities to create new cells. Without the appropriate materials the healing process is slowed. The body also requires the appropriate resources and neurological messages to adapt these substances into cell structures. This adaptation cannot occur magically; it only exists within the bounds of the laws of nature.

Time Heals All Wounds

There is a phrase which states "time heals all wounds" and although it may be considered cliché, there is truth in this statement. Healing does indeed take time. If you cut your finger it doesn't heal instantly, it takes a number of days or weeks to go through the healing process as the damaged tissue is broken down and the new cells form to replace it. If you break a bone you will likely have it out in a cast for a number of weeks whilst the bone heals. The same is true of any healing process, it takes time.


These two factors, time and materials, must be considered when going through the healing process for any condition. The effects of damage and incoordination take time and energy to reverse. When under Chiropractic care it may take a few appointments to start to see change, and the severity of your case will dictate how much healing your body has to do. It can be easy to become frustrated and think nothing is happening or that it’s not working; if you find yourself in this scenario, ask yourself "have I given my body enough time to heal yet"? This is why we have a tailored appointment schedule to be able to help you through the healing process and regain your health.


In order for healing to occur at an optimal rate the body needs clear control from brain to body so messages can be passed to the appropriate tissue at the appropriate time. If this neurological control is compromised by changes in spinal mechanics, these messages are not communicated effectively and the cells become uncoordinated, failing to adapt appropriately. This is why getting your spine and nervous system regularly checked is a good idea for anyone looking to optimise their health.


If you want to find out more about how Chiropractic can enhance your life or help you heal, please book a complimentary call with one of our Chiropractors and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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