A New Perspective on Health Care

What is Health Care?

When people think of health care, the first thing they usually think of is some sort of illness or disease. This is primarily due the environment a large majority of us find ourselves in and what things we associate with the terms. In the UK the NHS (National Health service) is the first thing people think of when they think of health care, but how many of the people who use this service on a regular basis would we class as healthy.


These things are all a matter of perspective. When I think of health care I imagine a continuum moving between two points, one being optimum health and disease or death. This is know as a salutogenic approach to health.


Health Care Continuum

Health Care

With this in mind you can have two types of health care. Positive health care and negative health care. The choices and actions that we make in out day to day life will push us along that scale. A number of things will play a factor in what way we tip the scaled. Some health care choices that we make will have more significance positively an negatively. Secondly, the speed at which things will change over time.


Just as one healthy meal wont tip the scales in any one direction the reverse is also true.

Health Care 3

In my opinion health is then a dynamic measure. Someone can either be moving towards it or away from it is at different rates.

The journey towards better health starts with single decisions. The accumulative effect of these move the needle


to be continued....


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