Birmingham’s Only Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialist

Based in King’s Norton, our brand new upper cervical chiropractic clinic is fast becoming the best chiropractor in Birmingham, as favoured by local patients. Following on from our huge success in London, we decided to open a second Top Chiropractic branch in the UK’s second city to start changing lives in the Midlands too.

Christian Caswell - Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Growing up in the North East of England, Christian decided he was going to be a chiropractor at an early age after seeing the impact it had on him and his family.

Christian is a graduate of the UK's largest and oldest chiropractic institution, the Anglo European College of Chiropractic.  Additionally he is one of the very few Europeans to be admitted into the esteemed Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP).  Christian has also served as one of the board members for the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organisations (IFCO).

Christian enjoys looking after patients and loves watching them develop and transform under chiropractic care. In his previous clinic, Christian found himself helping a lot of children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and other autistic spectrum disorders.

Christian practiced as a full  spine chiropractor using the  Gonstead system, before specialising in upper cervical chiropractic.

Christian is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and is on the Board of Directors for the United Chiropractic Association (UCA).


I have been seeing Dr. Christian for over 6 months now and this has truly been a life-altering experience for me. For almost 2 years I had been suffering from eczema, extremely dry/sensitive eyes, constant dizziness, migraines, pain all over my body, neck, back, chest, and even my jaw, extremely tense muscle so much so that at one point I had difficulty breathing I thought I was having a heart attack. My eyes were so vulnerable to even air that I could not even watch TV or do anything. I was forced to drop out of college. I could not socialize with anyone. I was basically bedridden for almost 2 years. I had arranged endless appointments with different medical doctors, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors, sports therapists and osteopath over the years, MRIs and bloodwork all came out clear. I was prescribed numerous antibiotics, steroids, and even antidepressants which was humiliating because the symptoms of my dizziness, migraines and dry eyes all significantly worsened, since ironically they are the exact side effects of antidepressants. I knew deep down it was something around my neck that was causing the issues as I could tell the blood flow to my head from my body via the neck was somehow ‘clogged’, hence the dizziness. The worst part of it all was that none of these medical professionals and specialists really determined the root cause of the issues. Pills helped relieve the symptoms for a couple of days, but then they just totally came back. The lowest, lowest point, was when the medical doctor who prescribed me antidepressants said to me, condescendingly, “Your labs all came out clear. There is nothing wrong with you. You are completely healthy. Perhaps is there anything bothering you in life? Have you been feeling uneasy and disturbed? These antidepressants will help you out and you shall feel better soon.” Aka he thinks I am crazy. I felt I was reaching the end of my rope with my situation, but I refused to give in to despair. I decided to do further research on the internet and came across the upper cervical techniques. I booked in my initial appointment with Dr. Christian in March this year and, well, the rest is history. Half a year in, my dizziness has now 95% subsided, sometimes I do not even feel dizzy at all. The pain all over my body is all gone, from time to time I feel a slight pain in my pelvis if I do not stay active / exercise enough. Zero migraines. Eczema has been completely under control. My eyes have also been getting more and more stable lately, sometimes they feel almost normal like how they used to. Not just physically, but I have had a far more positive outlook on life. Some of the articles on their blog made me realize that partly it is MY duty to live a fully functioning and healthy life. I have been eating healthier, paying attention to good nutrition and hydration, staying active as much as possible. I have started to read the book “Atomic Habits” and learnt to say no to people and things that do not serve me. I have also been practicing mindfulness and breathing exercises. It is not only my upper neck being adjusted, but my whole lifestyle too. It has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, with lots of ups and downs, but Dr. Christian has always been so supportive to reassure me that I am in good hands and things will eventually be alright. Not just Dr. Christian, but Dr. Elliott, Mark, Vee, everyone is so friendly there is such a welcoming atmosphere in the office. It is definitely still a work in progress, but I am sure with time I will eventually get back to my old self, or if you will, be even better, stronger and healthier than ever. Dr Christian thank you for saving my life and I look forward to seeing you next time! 🙂

Saw Elliot at Top Chiropractic. Identified a misaligned atlas which explained away my neck pain. Then provided a very gentle adjustment. I've been looking for a great upper cervical chiropractor and have now found one!

Christian at Top Chiropractic is highly skilled and professional. I have been seeing him for nearly a year now and he has helped me tremendously with correcting my neck, posture and overall wellbeing. Highly recommended!

I’ve had Ménière’s Disease for 28 years. It’s been a real roller coaster of an illness! I’ve taken copious amounts of medication, suffered with regular debilitating attacks, hearing loss, tinnitus, constant nausea and brain fog. I’ve been seeing Christian for a year now and I can honestly say that he has changed my life. After the first few adjustments, I started to get control back, all my symptoms have decreased considerably or disappeared. No one has ever been able to offer me a positive treatment or prognosis before I met Christian. If you have Menieres and are considering an assessment, do not hesitate!

Christian Caswell and his team have created a truly exceptional practice. We took our son to Christian and his treatment changed the trajectory for his healing. I could never thank him enough for the work that he does. Since I have taken my entire family to be treated by him all with similar outcomes. A truly 21st century healing modality being lead by dynamic, talented, motivated and caring team. Thank you Christian!!

Christian is fantastic, I cannot recommend him enough and life transforming is how I would sum up the effect that the Upper Cervical adjustments have had on my Menieres disease symptoms. I have had 10 sessions now over the last few months ,some of which involved adjustments. Miraculously after the first adjustment the debilitating vertigo attacks , which used to leave me feeling so vunerable and too frightened to go anywhere on my own in case I suddenly had one have not returned. Gradually over the weeks of treatment the auric fullnesss and accompanying deafness in my left ear has subsided which is wonderful and liberating after having had it for the last 2 years when the Menieres disease suddenly returned, having been in remission for many years. The trigger for the return was me contracting Covid 19 twice in 2020 and also suffering a bad fall from my bicycle in the same year. Also the distressing tinnitus that came about from Menieres is lessening and sometimes I can actually forget I have it ! Finally I want to add that Christian's video on the Top Chiro website explaining his treatment for Menieres disease is brilliant and made so much sense to me . Thank you Christian so very much for shining light back into my life again.

We’ve been seeing Dr Christian to relive my 5 years old daughter’s autistic symptoms. Damaged neurological structure in the spine can effect body function. Dr Christian’s corrected the abnormalities so the body is healing. We’ve seen massive improvements since seeing Dr Christian , the comprehension, language , behaviour. Correcting her misaligned spine is leading to healing. Thank you very much Dr Christian .

Friendly, professional, understanding and informative. Had a huge positive impact on my Meniere's Disease. Would highly recommend them!

I came across top chiro after suffering from debilitating vertigo and nausea. My symptoms were becoming more frequent and intense making it very difficult to carry out even the most basic chores. I made an appointment to see Elliott about a year ago and I can honestly say it has changed by life for the better. My flare ups are less frequent and the intensity significantly less. I often go long periods without any symptoms. Elliott is highly professional and personable. I have absolute confidence in his skills. I have moved onto a monthly maintenance programme and am happy for Elliott to continue to treat me. A shout out to Mark who is always warm and welcoming and has a unique ability to put you at ease. Thank you so much guys. You've been brilliant!

I attended Top Chiropractic London due to chronic neck and shoulder discomfort and a feeling of imbalance and tilting in my neck. Dr Christian efficiently explained my condition after extensive and thorough examination which included the use of thermography scans and a 3D CT scan where you can visualise exactly where the misalignments within my upper spine was. Pre and post scans following my adjustment showed great changes objectively proving that my nervous system was functioning better after the appointment. Am looking forward to my next appointment when I'm back in London. Thanks Top Chiropractic X

I've been seeing Christian now since January. I have Menieres disease. I've had it for a while but in the last 18 months it had really escalated. I was suffering from 3/4 bad vertigo episodes a week, daily nausea, fullness in the ear, hearing loss which then led to anxiety. I tried tablets (from ENT and suggested herbal), reflexology, osteopath and accupunture. I googled Upper cervical Chiropractor and came across Top Chiro. It was in London which is 186 miles away, but I was desperate for help. Christian was brill as I was a little nervous at first. He was very thorough at my first appointment. From my first adjustment I've been feeling great, no nausea or sickness or day to day dizziness. Since my first adjustment in January I've only had 3 very mild turns (which I think was caused because I hit my head...hard). I actually feel back to being me and have gained my confidence back. I got to a point I was scared of taking my boys places. Christian and the secretary (Sorry can't remember his name) have great sense of humours and make you feel welcome each time. They're also very helpful as I come from the countryside and never used uber before ? I go regularly and it's 100% worth the long trip to London. I would recommend Christian to everyone. I really don't know where I would have been without him ?

You hear about life changing experiences from others but until you experience it for yourself, it seems like a myth. After suffering with neck problems and connected symptoms for over 10 years, I entered a vicious circle of pain killers, medication and numerous expensive treatments. My seemingly never ending journey led me to Top Chiropractic and their London clinic after watching a video which summed up my life living with neck pain. Although the journey was further than I would normally travel, this is a testament to the life changing treatment that kept me returning. Elliott was understanding and thorough with his work, which put me at ease and provided full trust in his ability. If you are suffering from neck pain, please do not suffer any further, Top Chiropractic are miracle workers and I have no doubt in recommending their services.

I started attending the clinic at the end of November 2021 after suffering with symptoms of Post Concussion Syndrome since a head injury in April of that year. I was initially dubious as to whether it could be of any help to me as I had previously attempted to see a chiropractor who stated that nothing he could do would help. As the NHS had told me that my symptoms would subside over time, I had resigned myself to trying to wait the PCS out. However, after reading some of the reviews of this clinic, getting tired of making no improvements and hearing about other individuals with PCS who had received upper cervical treatment and had good results, I thought I would come along for a second opinion. After doing a scan of my neck, it was found that my C1 and C2 vertebrae were out of alignment, which had the potential to be causing some of my symptoms. After going through the results and other testing, I have had several adjustments over the past couple of months. I have no doubt that it has caused some of my symptoms to improve and am hoping that as the adjustments begin to hold for longer periods of time, that I may begin to be back to my old self. I would recommend anyone who has been diagnosed with PCS to give this a go! Big thanks to Elliot who has been amazing throughout the process. It has been a breath of fresh air to have found a medical professional that actually listens to what you are saying and wants to help you get better! Would definitely recommend.

My experience at Top Chiropractic was fantastic from start to finish. The team are extremely professional and I’m very happy with the results of my care. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to optimise their health.

Dr. Christian and Dr. Elliott are both incredible Chiropractors! I have been extremely pleased with the results I’ve had over the time I’ve been seen by them both. I’ve had a couple of issues that have persisted for several years and not resolved under any other chiropractor but have since resolved with Top Chiropractic. If you’re looking to try Upper Cervical Chiropractic, this is the place to go. The CBCT scans and the thermography scans are excellent! Thanks, Top Chiropractic!

Brought my 79 year old Mum to see Dr Elliott. She had been diagnosed with Ménières 3 years ago but she knew her hearing would clear sometimes and therefore something else must be affecting her normal hearing. She was most impressed and interested in the suite of screening tests Dr Elliott ran. Nobody else she'd seen had been so thorough. After assessing her scans Dr Elliott made an adjustment to Mum's neck and rested her for a couple of hours. She noticed her hearing had improved a little. Travelling home she felt clearer headed and the light sensitivity she has with her eyes had decreased as well. Hoping the adjustment sticks and she continues to improve. Thank you Dr Elliott.

As soon as I entered Top Chiropractic, I noticed how professional and welcoming the practice is. Dr Elliott really made me feel comfortable and explained the process superbly without making me feel overwhelmed. The resting chairs are so relaxing and really allow for some downtime pre and post adjustment! Overall a lovely experience and can’t wait for my next visit 🙂

I have been so impressed with the standard of care I have received at Top Chiropractic. Welcoming and professional, Dr Elliott put me completely at ease and I feel I'm in very good hands. The issues I have been suffering with are resolving and I'm feeling and functioning so much better now. Upper cervical chiropractic care is just amazing! If you are looking for a natural way to find relief from an ongoing health issue I would look no further than Top Chiropractic.

Ex Military Veteran I have had a need to attend the TOPCHIRO practice in London after failing to receive adequate treatment from the NHS. I had been seen by, Consultant Surgeon, Sports Consultants, Neurosurgeon, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and all failed to find why I was suffering my signs and symptoms. All declared I had nothing wrong with me. In despair after four years of constant neck pain and nightly suffering occipital neuralgia I was advised to try a specialist upper cervical chiropractor by a friend. I attended the Top Chiropractic practice where I was given a CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan) at the imaging centre in Harley Street and the findings explained. I was given an adjustment and returned and since my first session treated by Christian I had my first deep pain free sleep. I have been given a treatment plan and I have eight more sessions to attend but already my quality of life has improved immeasurably. For any serving or veteran military personnel who have problems with the upper cervical spine and have not found relief through the NHS and would like to attend his sessions but feel daunted by attending a clinic and treatment in London because of location and cost, the practice is easily found at 11 Welbeck St, London W1G 9XZ. (Just a 30 minute easy walk from Kings Cross railway station.) If the cost is daunting you can apply to SSAFA for help in funding to be able to do so. I will write again to explain the outcome of the full course of treatment. Sgt T Glover BEM (RAF Regt ret’d)

It was amazing that after treatment with Christian my 19 year old daughter no longer needed back surgery. We were very nervous about her being put on a waiting list for back surgery to correct her curved spine kyphosis. Now she’s walking up-straight, her curvature now looks normal , we are so relieved , still can’t believe it. Wonderful outcome.

I started seeing Christian in December, I had been diagnosed with Meniere's disease and had tried a number of medications and treatment but nothing had worked I was suffering with neck pain, dizziness and blurred vision, I had even progressed to the point of drop attacks. 5 months into care and I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time and the Meniere's symptoms have resolved.

I have been seeing Christian roughly for the last 7 months. I have suffered for the past 15 years with debilitating neck, shoulder & back pain , mostly Neck & migraines in the base of my skull which are complete agony & ruined a lot of my life. I have tried everything & gone to extreme lengths, spending a fortune to try to end my pain but nothing ever worked despite people telling me they could help me. After many years of research & never giving up looking for someone & something to help me I came across having my Atlas, C1 corrected through Chiropratic adjustments with Christian & have never looked back. Christian is completely professional in every way, he is so caring, kind, thorough & such an amazing Chiropractor. I have called him on a number of occasions being in pain & he has always gone out of his to fit me to see him even when he is already fully booked. I am extremely grateful to Christian for all he has done for me & all his kindness & wisdom. I continue to see him now & look forward to every visit. I wish more people knew about this treatment as it has been such a saviour to me & my healing. Thank you Christian with all My Heart☺️

I had never considered (or felt I needed) to see a chiropractor before a friend recommended Christian to me. Now I couldn't imagine living a healthy, optimal life without his consultations and adjustments. I have suffered eczema since childhood but since first seeing Christian a few months ago, it has totally subsided and I have gained a feeling of wellness I didn't know I was lacking. Christian is incredibly professional, friendly and thorough with his work. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a professional chiropractor.

I started seeing Christian after suffering with hemiplegic migraines for over a year along with a lot up upper back and neck pain. After a year of even neurologists unsure what the cause was, unhelpful medications and numerous hospital visits for what looked like “stroke” symptoms Christian found the cause within an hour of meeting me. After 2/3 adjustments i noticed my symptoms became less severe and less frequent and eventually went completely! The terrifying “stroke like” symptoms have never returned and I can’t thank Christian enough for freeing me from the fear of one of these migraine attacks happening again. If you suffer with any type of migraines and/Or back pain I can assure you Christian can help! I’ll definitely return if needed (hopefully not) and recommend his service to anyone!

I had never suffered with back pain in my life. I was relatively fit and well and enjoyed playing rugby and attending the gym. However, I woke one morning and could barely walk. I had never felt pain so excruciating in my life. I was referred to Christian at Top Chiro ( by a fellow patient of his) and was amazed by the treatment I received. He adjusted me and prescribed a programme of treatment. I was back up on my feet in no time and since this episode ( touch wood) have not suffered again. Christian is extremely professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Thank you Christian for your help.

Having had great confidence in Heidi and her particular set of chiropractic skills I was a little apprehensive to have to change to a new practitioner. However, I now have every confidence in Christian. Though his methodology differs from Heidi’s, the intentions are the same and the outcomes are equally effective. I am experiencing the benefits of his treatments. Christian has a friendly and positive attitude so that I feel comfortable as a client. He is always willing to listen to me and discuss issues, answer questions and explain the techniques he uses. He demonstrates real interest and enthusiasm for his work. Consequently I feel that I am in safe hands. I especially appreciate and value his holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Excellent service every time. Christian is clearly a master of his craft and it's amazing to see the way he works. I can feel my whole body functioning better every time I get checked and adjusted, and the resting chairs are lovely!

I have been suffering with low back pain for a while and Christian's in depth knowledge and clinical skills allowed him to adjust the correct part of my spine first time. I could not recommend Christian more if you are looking for relief from pain.

Dr Christian is excellent

I started seeing Christian in August 2019 for lower back problems I have had since the birth of my last child in April 2012. My consultation was great, not only did I walk away feeling I was going to get help with my back but also my migraines that I have been suffering severely with since I was 12. I was always told my migraines were hormonal and have been on a mixture of high, daily medications for many years. My migraines where as often as 2/3 times a week, they took over my life. After my 5th or 6th session with Christian My migraines had completely eased and of the 400mg of Toptrimate I took daily I now I only take 200mg. I have not had one Migraine since that 6th session even my GP is amazed that I no longer put through re-peat prescriptions for my pain medication. Coming off so much medication makes such a dramatic change to everyday life. I also suffer with Irratable bowl syndrome (IBS) the reduction in medication has made such a difference to my stomach issues. Christian has literally given me a life back! Migraine Free! And my backs ok too x Jody x

I took my 10 year old son to see Christian as he hadn’t had a full nights sleep in 15 months. He would struggle going to sleep and then wake up through the night constantly. We had tried everything. Christian started treating him and after 3 weeks my son had 2 full nights sleep! After 3 months of treatment he slept through every night. We would highly recommend Christian. He is absolutely amazing with children and he gave us our sleep back which is priceless, we can’t thank him enough. If only we had gone to him sooner. ? ?

After suffering for years with chronic pain and having seen various chiropractors over the years, Christian was the first practitioner who really got to the root cause of my pain rather than just a quick fix. The positive impact he had on not only relieving my pain, but also improving my overall quality of life is something I will forever be grateful for and not something I say lightly. He identified the areas causing me chronic pain and set a plan to adjust these. He put me at ease straight away, always explained every single step and talks me through the adjustments and the results. Christian is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly skilled, always learning and has a very positive manner. He always tailors my treatment to my exact needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Christian – everyone with a spine should make an appointment!

After developing a problem with my neck, I was passed Christian's details via a friend who recommended his services and I was very impressed with the care I received. During my initial consultation, I instantly felt at ease that Christian understood my symptoms and that he knew how to get me back to full fitness and rectify the problem, which he did excellently. If I even need a Chiropractor again, I'll know who to call.

I have had back problems my whole life and seen so many different chiropractors/physios and never felt any better after. I’ve been seeing Christian not even a year and I feel like a new person. He has helped me so much and he makes me feel really comfortable. The best in the game -couldn’t recommend enough.

Christian is extremely knowledgeable in his field and beyond. He looked at the body as a whole and not just the area which I presented to him with. I was suffering with lower back pain. After a thorough chiropractic examination I started a course of care and was scanned before and after my treatment. I found Christian to be very personable and he explained why he was doing what he was doing at each appointment and listened to any concerns I had. After my course of care I am now pain free, sleep better and my posture has improved. I would highly recommend Christian to anybody looking for chiropractic care.

Been using Christian for over a year and has made a huge difference to my back. would highly recommend to anyone seeking a professional chiropractor.

I came to Top Chiropractic with back problems (discomfort when sitting, standing and exercising), which included my neck locking up. Due to my occupation it was important to maintain a good level of fitness. I tried going through the NHS and received numerous treatments through the muscular skeletal clinic over a period of almost a year, but nothing seemed to work. Within a few sessions with Christian, the pain/discomfort had almost gone, with subsequent sessions to ensure that I now have the ability to not only do everyday tasks without any pain, but also the ability to exercise properly. I would 100% recommend Top Chiropractic.

I’ve been under Christian’s care since October 2018, and the changes i’ve seen are truly phenomenal! The improvements i’m experiencing, and the ripple effect they’re having in every aspect of my life are incredible. I was in a very poor state of health when I first met Christian, unable to function with day to day living. The relief, freedom, optimism I now have is beyond measure. The confidence in my own body’s ability to heal keeps growing every adjustment! I recommend Christian and his care to everyone with a spine! 🙂

Christian has given me my life back! Having suffered from daily debilitating neck pain and associated feelings of 'grogginess' for the last three years , I sought out a Chiropractor in the hope that I could get help to at least reduce the pain and the need for high amounts of pain relief medication. I wanted to avoid the route of further medication and/or surgical intervention. Indeed I was lucky to find Christian, whose approach is both professional kind and effective, culminating in amazing results. After an initial assessment which included a health questionnaire and x-rays, Christian clearly explained the treatment plan which I readily accepted. Christian then carried out a cervical spine adjustment, and from that day my 'grogginess' disappeared, and as time progressed, my pain and need for pain relief decreased dramatically. I am now at a point, where I am able continue a relatively pain free life. I cannot thank Christian enough and would highly recommend him to anyone for Chiropractic care.

Christian is incredibly skilled at what he does, always providing a very high level of chiropractic checks and adjustments. Christian really helped me to understand how chiropractic care works, this, coupled with the positive changes I feel in my whole body, I would now never be without my upper cervical checks with Christian. To know I'm helping my body to function at it's best, is a great feeling!

Christian has been my Chiropractor for over 4 years and provides an extremely high quality of Chiropractic. I have seen some wonderful changes as a result of his care, and would recommend his service to anyone looking to improve their health!

Birmingham Top Chiropractic: Opening Times & How to Get Here

Our King’s Norton chiropractors is just a short journey from the city centre, easily accessible by both car and public transport. If arriving by public transport, you can get the 45/47 or 35 bus direct from Birmingham New Street bus station.

Address: 180 Lifford Lane, King’s Norton, Birmingham, B30 3NU

Clinic Opening Hours

Monday: 10:00 - 17:00

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Closed

We are looking to open more days as soon as we can, as we have had such a high demand.



What to Expect When Visiting Birmingham TopChiro

If you’re a new patient at our King’s Norton clinic, we will first complete an initial consultation with the goal of achieving a fully comprehensive understanding of your current health condition and your needs going forward. 

To gain a full understanding of your spinal and nervous system health, at your initial consultation we complete a multitude of precision testing methods using state-of-the-art technology. This includes onsite digital x-rays, digital infrared thermography and neurological testing. If we deem it necessary, there is also the possibility of being referred for further advanced imaging, such as MRI, CT or CBCT testing, depending on our findings. 

At the end of your consultation, you will receive a report of our findings and recommendations, with the opportunity to discuss the results with your dedicated chiropractor and ask any questions you may have. At this point, we will also suggest a plan of action to manage your health symptoms and propose a schedule of regular visits to our Birmingham clinic to support your needs. 


Specialisms at Our Birmingham Chiropractor Clinic

At our King’s Norton clinic we specialise in Upper Chiropractic services. Unlike traditional chiropractors who focus on area-specific pain treatment, upper chiropractors focus on how the positioning of the spine affects the central nervous system - with the end goal of implementing practical methods to improve your whole system.

We target your upper neck specifically, and we won’t always give you an adjustment every visit if it isn’t necessary. Upper chiropractor is more about identifying core issues with your spinal positioning and implementing management regimes to monitor health trajectory without unnecessary interference.

Below are some of the main focuses of our chiropractic services. We are specialists in the following conditions and can provide tailored recommendations and solutions for managing symptoms:



Birmingham Chiropractic Assessments Explained

As a leading Birmingham chiropractor, we use state-of-the-art assessment methods to gain a full understanding of your health trajectory. We want to make the testing process as jargon-free as possible so you can feel comfortable and confident with our service. Here is a breakdown of some of our most common chiropractic testing producers at the Birmingham clinic.

What is Computed Infrared Thermography?

We used infrared thermography scanning to get an accurate, real-time picture of your internal nervous system. If there is dysfunction present, the technological scan will detect any abnormalities so that we can accurately suggest the right adjustment for you.

What is A Knee Chest Chiropractic adjustment?

Knee chest upper cervical is one of the oldest chiropractic procedures still used in modern practice. It’s a position that takes advantage of the natural biomechanics of your cervical spine so that we can give you the most precise adjustment possible, that remains corrected over time.

What are Advanced Imaging/Precision Digital X-rays?

We have digital x-rays at a local Chiropractic clinic that allow us to see information about your spine and other bony tissue. We also have some off-site imagery centres if required. We only recommend x-rays to patients if clinically indicated that this will assist in their optimised care.